Safe Options for Teeth Whitening

Safe Options for Teeth Whitening

Many people are interested in cosmetic whitening of their teeth. A bright white smile is perceived as more attractive and youthful, traits that most people desire. If you are interested in teeth whitening in Brooklyn, consider the following types of whitening treatments: light activated whitening treatments, custom bleaching trays and teeth whitening strips.

Light Activated Whitening

Many in-office whitening sessions are accelerated by the use of a light that activates the whitening solution. There are some of these light activated products that you can use at home as well. These types of products, especially in-office sessions, tend to be more expensive than other whitening options but often boast longer lasting results. Therefore, this treatment is not needed as often as other types of teeth bleaching.

Custom Bleaching Trays

Wearing teeth bleaching trays is a great way to whiten your teeth passively while you get things done around the house. In order to have custom trays made, you should talk to your dentist or hygienist who can take impressions of your teeth for your custom molds. After the trays are fabricated, you can use them indefinitely as long as you take proper care of them and simply replenish your teeth bleaching solution for the trays as needed.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are typically the most economical option when trying to whiten your teeth but may not provide results that last as long as light activated whitening or custom bleaching trays. However, whitening strips are easy to use and can be a great place to start; they can let you know how your teeth react to a whitening solution and if a stronger whitening agent is needed.

Getting your teeth a couple shades lighter does not have to be difficult with all the products now on the market. Talk to your dentist today about the right fit for you.

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